Advanced Magento 2 Backend Developer Training in London

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Advanced Magento 2 Backend Developer Training in London

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This 2-day advanced Magento 2 training is going to be an intensive learning journey packed with new knowledge around the Magento 2.3 features. The optimal mix of theory and practice is specifically designed to build the skills you will be able to use in your everyday work.

During the Advanced Magento 2 Backend Developer Training, we are going to perform both theoretical and practical exercises. Along the training we are going to create 3 Magento 2 extensions and use the gained knowledge for it.

We will learn and practice Service Oriented Architecture with Magento 2 development and see how it can be applied to your extensions. Both days are fully packed with the concepts which are widely used and applied to a Magento 2 platform and its architecture.

Day 1

Slot 1: GraphQL

Slot 2: Declarative Database Schema

Slot 3: WebAPI

Slot 4: UI Components

Day 2

Slot 1: Services Oriented Architecture

Slot 2: Dependency Injection

Slot 3: Object Manager

Slot 4: Plugins/Interceptors

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